60 Watts CO2 Laser Marking Machine ST-RF60

Sinotech high performance 60w CO2 laser marking machines are capable of marking date codes,serial numbers and product identification on various of non-metal materials such as wood, glass, rubber, plastics, cardboard, and product packagings with permanent and clearly marking effect.

With ultra high marking speed 7000mm/s and 175mm square mark field,Sinotech CO2 marking machine offers the most cost-effective solution in laser marking and engraving technology to meet customer’s production targets.

  • Applied materials: Paper& paperboard, Painted wood, Acrylic,Cardboard,Sticky label, Box carboard, Glass, Wood,sticks,Leather,Fabric,Plastic,Coated metals,Metal caps,Circuit board,Electrical components,Pharmaceutical foil, Packaging box,Plastic tube, Printed circuit board,PET bottles,Ceramics and other non-metal materials.
  • Applicable industry:  Widely used in Food,Beverage,Packaging,Pharmacy,Sign display,Textile,Shoes,Handbags,Cosmetics and other industries.