30W On-The-Fly CO2 Laser Marking Coding Machine

Sinotech laser CO2 laser machines offer you consistent high-quality marking and coding on a wide range of materials. Our On-the -fly laser systems are designed to meet the needs of most consumer packaged goods applications by providing maximum uptime and increased productivity and the most flexible configuration options for line integration. Easy to install the laser coding system to your production line.

  • Applied materials:Paper& paperboard, Painted wood, Acrylic,Cardboard,Sticky label, Box carboard, Glass, Wood,sticks,Leather,Fabric,Plastic,Coated metals,Metal caps,Circuit board,Electrical components,Pharmaceutical foil, Packaging box,Plastic tube, Printed circuit board,PET bottles,Ceramics and other non-metal materials.
  • Applicable industry:  Soft-Drinks Packaging Industry, Food Packaging Industry, Alcohol Packaging Industry, Medicine Packaging Industry, Tobacco Packaging Industry.