30 Watts CO2 Laser Marking Machine ST-RF30-1

Sinotech CO2 laser marking machines are ideal solution for non-metal marking and engraving applied to an extremely wide variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, leather, glass,ceramics and plastics, PCB Boards, coated metals and anodized Aluminum and so on.

Sinotech CO2 laser systems adopts high quality excited CO2 lasers and integrates advanced high speed scanning galvanometer laser marking technology to provide you durable,permanent,high contrast,fast markings with desirable results.

  • Applied materials: Paper& paperboard, Painted wood, Acrylic,Cardboard,Sticky label, Box carboard, Glass, Wood,sticks,Leather,Fabric,Plastic,Coated metals,Metal caps,Circuit board,Electrical components,Pharmaceutical foil, Packaging box,Plastic tube, Printed circuit board,PET bottles,Ceramics and other non-metal materials.
  • Applicable industry: Widely used in Food,Beverage,Packaging,Pharmacy,Sign display,Textile,Shoes,Handbags,Cosmetics and other industries.