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Laser deep engraving test : Comparison of metal deep engraving

In recent years, With the rise of environmental protection, laser technology has increasingly replacing traditional corrosion processes on molds, signs, hardware accessories and other products for the depth of engraving applications. Compared with the traditional way, laser deep engraving for metal materials has the advantages of no pollution, high precision, flexible, and can meet complex […]

Install the 300w laser tube for ST-HQ1325 laser cutting machine part 1

Blue and white hybric laser cutting machine,Install the 300w laser tube for ST-HQ1325 laser cutting machine, ST-HQ1325 laser machine is a mix cutting machine which can cut both metal and non-metal material.300W can cut up to 2.2mm stainless steel, 30mm thick acrylic. More detailed information please contact:
Mary Tan +86 189 2750 6056
Email: export@cnlasercutter.com